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At Eden's Forest, we encourage all participants to:

  1. Respect and care for wildlife, ourselves and each other.
  2. Only take what we need, and always try to give something back.

We believe there is no greater gift than opening children's eyes to the wonder of nature, and helping them to engage at their own pace.

We will combine excellent knowledge, enthusiasm and energy in all that we do.

As part of our ethos, we have established our own view of ethical trading. We wanted to start our business off on the right foot, and it will be an aspect of our business we will periodically review. Our current approach is as follows:

Transport We will encourage the use of shared or public transport where possible in our dealings with groups. We will also add details of public transport options to our information packs.
Food miles We will endeavour to use local retailers and suppliers for food we source. At the same time we will also have regard to minimising food miles where possible, and ethically produced food e.g. Fairtrade
Landscaping Materials We will endeavour to source all landscaping materials from local suppliers within a 15 mile radius of the site we are working on. We already have established partnerships with tree surgeons who supply many of the materials we use on a local basis.

We will give 5% of our net profit each year to charities. This money will be shared equally between WaterAid and The Forget Me Not Children's Hospice.

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Environmental Impact Our business depends on protecting and enhancing the ecological value of all the sites we work in. At our Lepton site we have initiated an ecological appraisal of the site and are currently drawing up proposals for some selective felling, planting and pond maintenance. We will publish the proposals and outcomes of this work on our website in due course.