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During February half term we ran two days of at our Lepton site. We offered children the chance to choose their own direction of play and learning. They were able to gain or develop a range of bushcraft skills, play some new games, be creative with their friends or simply charge around until they thought they had earned a hot chocolate from the fire! We had an excellent turnout despite the questionable weather, and a great time was had by all!

Here are a few of the many wonderful images our friend Vanessa took:

P1040610 P1040618 P1040625 P1040626 P1040628 P1040634 P1040640 P1040641 P1040649

If you would like to join our holiday club at Easter, please contact us, or keep an eye on our Holiday Club page for the latest information.


In September 2014 we had 239 Year 7 students from Salendine Nook High School come to visit us over two days.

The aim of the days were to help the students bond as form groups in the their first year at high school, to make them feel not only part of a form team, but part of the wider school community.

Each day consisted of 5 activities on a carousel basis:

  • Tippy Tap Challenge
  • Shelter Building
  • Map Making
  • Raise the Flag
  • Natural Art

The students rotated around the activities remaining with their form group. Some activities required a whole team effort, some needed sub-teams, some a team leader delegating jobs to achieve a task. Every class worked brilliantly well together and their behaviour was a real credit to the school.

We had two action-packed days with some quality results in terms of team-working, creativity, problem solving and cooperation. A great time was had by all the students and staff alike. Here's a sample of what we got up to:

IMG 0860 IMG 0867 IMG 0875 IMG 0877

 IMG 0886 IMG 0896

 IMG 0899 Optim1 


I'm not going to prattle on about the Elements of Eden holiday club in August this year - I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves...


In Autumn 2014 Jerome attended an excellent training course in the Lake District entitled "Managing Challenging Behaviour in the Outdoors".

The course was attended by a range of outdoor practitioners covering every age range and from around the UK.

IMG 0929 IMG 0931

IMG 0933 IMG 0935

We spent time understanding the physiological and psychological patterms and context of behaviour in children and adults. Armed with this understanding we examined different real-life scenarios through discussion and role-play whilst applying different strategies. It was a fascinating process that made all involved really examine their own teaching practice, and better understanding the processes at work when behaviour is challenging.

Many thanks to Lily Horseman of Kindling Play & Training for setting up the course, and to John Cree of Bishop's Wood for delivering such a fascinating and engaging few days.

Things got moving at High Bank very quickly so that the willow could be planted before the season ran out on us!