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In September 2014 we had 239 Year 7 students from Salendine Nook High School come to visit us over two days.

The aim of the days were to help the students bond as form groups in the their first year at high school, to make them feel not only part of a form team, but part of the wider school community.

Each day consisted of 5 activities on a carousel basis:

  • Tippy Tap Challenge
  • Shelter Building
  • Map Making
  • Raise the Flag
  • Natural Art

The students rotated around the activities remaining with their form group. Some activities required a whole team effort, some needed sub-teams, some a team leader delegating jobs to achieve a task. Every class worked brilliantly well together and their behaviour was a real credit to the school.

We had two action-packed days with some quality results in terms of team-working, creativity, problem solving and cooperation. A great time was had by all the students and staff alike. Here's a sample of what we got up to:

IMG 0860 IMG 0867 IMG 0875 IMG 0877

 IMG 0886 IMG 0896

 IMG 0899 Optim1