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At Edens Forest we have the knowledge and experience to turn the most determined young urbanite into a shipwrecked hero!

Children love the adventure of being able to forage, prepare & cook wild food; source & purify water; make safe fires without matches; create useful artifacts from cups, bowls and fabric to bows, arrows & catapults; build shelters out of natural materials and generally 'survive' the day.

The skills we teach and the determination children show in accomplishing activities will enthuse groups beyond measure. Their self confidence and self esteem will rise at a job well done and the positive 'vibes' will carry over into the class once they are 'rescued'.

Time and again, children and adults have come to us recalling an exciting and inspiring day in the woods. The excitement and enthusiasm this has produced has been observed back in the classroom in both behavioural and academic terms.


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Teaching children the origin of food in a natural setting really does illustrate to them that not everything comes wrapped in plastic, cardboard or tin. When conditions are right we will forage for foods that are growing wild on site – highlighting safety precautions and teaching the Foragers' Code of Collection. We guide on how to prepare foods safely considering health & safety (we know sanitising hand gel might not be available on a desert island so some poetic licence is allowed because we'll be using it!) and everyone will have the opportunity to help cook something.



We examine how essential water is to all life, and how precious a resource it is. We look at different collection methods and discuss the need to filter and purify what we collect. Everyone will have an opportunity to collect and purify their own water.


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Children are fascinated by fire and we educate them on its uses and its dangers. We'll collect materials and start a fire without matches and use its heat to warm ourselves, cook our food and raise our morale, before talking about its other applications all over the world.


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We all like something to take home and while an artefact might need more work, it certainly beats a 30 minute stop in the gift shop for a plastic slinky and a badge! Using age appropriate tools and traditional techniques we will guide your children in creating something amazing that they will always treasure. Their creations can range from practical items such as wooden cups, bowls or spoons, to more artistic work creating woodland characters.

Dens and shelters

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We instruct and supply materials for the children to use in building their own shelters. Some may be functional and defendable and some may become decorated and a home from home – the children can decide. We find that the children are at their most creative when they are allowed the safe space to express their own ideas.

The successes children achieve and failures they overcome, will ensure that their day spent with Eden's Forest will be remembered and drawn upon far beyond their return to school.