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We are very pleased to have been chosen to develop a brand new outdoor learning area with the children at High Bank J I & N School.

This is a large scheme developing a previously unused area of the school site. The finished scheme will be in 3 zones.

Zone 1: Gateway with meandering path through a series of grass and flower bed hillocks with a hazel hurdle fence leading to...

Zone 2: A growing area - eight raised beds in a radial pattern, post and wire fencing with fruit bushes and trees forming the boundaries leading through to...

Zone 3: A willow arched walkway leads through to a willow fenced wood chipped area - story telling area, wetland area, willow tunnels and den.

This is a simple scheme allowing scope for further development. Take a look at our Blog to see how the scheme is progressing.

If you are thinking of a similar scheme for your children, please contact us.