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Mindfulness in the Outdoors – an introductory session just for adults (why should the kids have all the fun?)

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Come to our wood……..Walk slowly………Breath……..Open all your senses………Relax.

Come and join us for a bit of time-out from the normal hustle and bustle of life.

Take some time to slow down and notice the world around you.

We will explore how we can be mindful in the outdoors, connecting with our senses and exploring the natural world around us in a way that we rarely make time for.

Being outdoors is good for your wellbeing, being mindful is good for your wellbeing – put the two together and it’s extra good for your wellbeing!

You will leave feeling calmer, more relaxed, with a heightened sense of awareness of your surroundings and connection with nature.


The session will be led by Sophie Barraclough who specialises in mindfulness and wellbeing.

No prior experience necessary.

This session is for adults only (max 10)

Two hour session - timed to finish as Holiday Club finishes so you can collect your children straight from Jerome and Adam.

The session will be outside and will involve some periods of movement and some periods of stillness – please come dressed appropriately for the weather so that you can keep yourself warm enough (or cool enough) as necessary. Please wear outdoor shoes with a good grip e.g. walking boots or walking shoes.

Special introductory price of £5.00

Prior booking is essential.


If you would like to book a place or ask any questions please contact us.