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Applying the principles of forest schools enables Eden's Forest to provide your children with a wide ranging and rich learning experience that enhances, yet reaches far beyond the day to day curriculum. Many of the apparent non-academic learning experiences are very clearly applied by the children once back in their classroom setting. This is particularly apparent for children who lack self confidence or self esteem, who struggle to work cooperatively, lack creative ideas in art or their writing or struggle to apply mathematical thinking to real life experiences.

Some children can find it hard to stay focussed on a task. Through their behaviour in the classroom they may also be considered untrustworthy for very responsible jobs, and find themselves getting into trouble repeatedly. They may find themselves on the fringes of their peer group and so find cooperative working difficult. With careful boundary setting and instruction, such children can find themselves working with a knife to craft a piece of wood dilligently for extended periods, something that may be an entirely new experience for them. The inevitable outcome of being trusted with a sharp tool, following specific instructions, having something to take home that they have created, and the experience of concentration, creativity and pride become lifelong reference points for the child.

We also understand that many teaching staff would like to develop their own skills in these areas, but may find it difficult due to time constraints and confidence. We aim to support teachers either by providing a fully tailored and managed sessions, or by dedicated sessions for staff to improve their confidence and knowledge to apply in their own school setting. See School Site Development and Inset Training & Support for more information.

Our sessions provide a wide range of life and learning skills for class groups, both at school or at our woodland site. Rates vary dependent on the activities used and location of the session. Please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Risk Management

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Team Building

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Caring for the Environment

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