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Hi Jerome

Feedback from B, he said:

It was brilliant. I loved it and so did my friends. I loved making my sword- it's cool.

Feedback from me

Thanks Jerome and Adam for an incredible holiday club! The children loved the new woodland location, all the activities and the mud. They are looking forward to coming next time!

Thanks again

Hello Adam and Jerome
I just wanted to thank you both for helping R settle and have fun. R doesn't go to any groups on his own because he usually cannot cope or the leaders struggle. It knocks his confidence and then trying to get him to give anything new a go is tough. 

Year 3 Stone Age Day

Hi Jerome
I hope you are well! Just writing to say thank you for a fantastic trip last week to the woods with the year 3.
The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great way to launch our new Stone Age topic.

Year 7 Transition Days

Hi Jerome

Hope you are well. Looking at the registers 239 students attended over the two days which is 90% of the year group, so that is fantastic . I have never had a turn out like that for a whole year group trip.

We had originally booked our two children Holly (10) and Evan(8) on for two days. Holly is quite a "girly" girl so I wasn't sure if she would enjoy it.