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Having 3 and 6 year old boys and being a Tree Surgeon myself I had been looking for a way to introduce them further to the wilds and woods and Eden's Forest summer holiday club presented the ideal opportunity!


I had the luxury of being able to stay and play at the sessions and it was inspiring to see my boys gaining confidence and ability within the groups activities. The site is a fantastic environment and offers the opportunity for a vast range of activities where the kids imagination is probably the only real limit.

Adam and Jerome are friendly and inviting and were able to enthuse and inspire the wide age range of children attending over the course of the holiday club, encouraging team work through individuality. Each child (from 3 to 39!) was able to have a voice and, probably most importantly, was heard and taken on board; watching someone's tentative idea take flight and setting the group off in a frenzy of activity was great to see!

By the end a session both my boys may have been tired and a little grubby, but the smile and twinkle in their eyes spoke volumes of how proud they were of their achievements. Their enthusiasm and ideas went beyond the meetings and both were most disappointed to have to wait a whole week till the next session!