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Hello Adam and Jerome
I just wanted to thank you both for helping R settle and have fun. R doesn't go to any groups on his own because he usually cannot cope or the leaders struggle. It knocks his confidence and then trying to get him to give anything new a go is tough. 
After a disaster yesterday, today picked him back up, dusted him down and made him smile. As a result I've got a much happier lad tonight.
There's very few things where young people who are on paper "disabled", but are actually very able indeed, can go to. The disabled children's service who run a similar activity group said he would need two to one specialist trained additional needs staff. Why? Because he climbed a tree and struggled to sit quietly for an hour whilst staff had lunch. So he was told he could not come back without two members of staff being at his side at all times at a cost to me of £28.50 an hour).
R is just a normal lad who struggles with concentrating and socialising, but succeeds with just a bit of guidance, clear rules and positivity. He's not had an easy 12 years and hasn't had a single year since birth without a new diagnosis being given. He started at six months old with a neuroblastoma and the last one added was coeliac disease.
It was lovely just for once not to ask for his labels, just to be asked how he could be helped. I thank you for that most sincerely.
Looking forward to R coming again to Eden Forest in the near future.
With best wishes